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Charles Ley Court, Fawley Village
the man behind the name
Terri and Sveta [email protected]
[email protected]

I expect like many other residents,, Sveta and I have wondered who Charles Ley was. Naturally I asked the then Court Manager, Sue Harvey nee' Sutherland (1940-2013), who thought he was something to do with the Royal British Legion in Blackfield. Enquiring at the local club, I discovered and met his daughter Betty Locke, who allowed Sveta and I to peruse and copy the Charles Ley Memorabilia Collection. Copies are available for a donation to the British Legion Fawley, from Terri & Sveta @ 17. Our search has taken us to Portland, Weymouth. Bridport, Exeter, Bristol and Gloucester Record Office. What we hope to do, this year is to publish on the internet and self-print a small more detailed booklet of this ‘local hero’ of Fawley Parish.
On the 18th March 1902, Charles was born to Frank and Martha Ley in London, though records show they were domiciled in Bristol. Charles school certificate shows he attended the Hannah Moore School until 1916 and lived at 2 Churchill Place, Castle Street in the Bristol City Centre. Charles is recorded as working as a clerk and warehouseman before joining the Gloucester Regiment in 1919.
Charles served nine years with the colours, of which seven months were served in Germany, for which he received a General Service Medal. Charles left the colours at Portland with an exemplary certificate of character and started work in Weymouth for Cosen & Co on the 'SS Alexandra' and then later for the Great Western Railway, Marine Division.
In 1929 Charles moved to Bridport Workhouse as Labour Master and Porter and in 1931 moved to the Ashurst Workhouse where he met his future wife, a nurse at the workhouse, in 1934 Charles and his wife Ivy moved back to the Bristol Area.
Early in 1939, with the WW2 starting in Europe, Charles prudently loaded his family into his car and moved down to the Waterside, to avoid the foreseen Bristol Blitz. Betty Locke recalled a story from her mother. Driving through Marchwood, Charles saw a dilapidated, empty house just past the White Horse PH, he stopped and enquired of the neighbour's as to the owner. Charles found the owner and made an arrangement to live rent free, in return for refurbishing the property, until he found employment..
When the war started Charles was recalled to the colours to serve with the Fawley (Forest) Battalion, Home Guard at Hythe, where he was promoted to 2nd Lieutenant and was secretary to their social club and a member of the Fawley and Exbury Defence Committee.
The Court is named after Charles Ley, who joined Fawley British Legion in 1934 and has served as President, Chairman and secretary for many years and was a member of the benevolent committee. He was awarded a Gold Medal and a lifetime membership for services rendered. Charles was also an active member of the Blackfield & Langley Juniors Football Club and the Langley Lions Cycle Speedway team.
A 'local hero' who has been honored in many ways during his lifetime and remembered in the anniversary celebration by the residents of the Court on several occasions. Most notably on the 30th anniversary of the opening of Charles Ley Court, with a specially decorated cake. -click to start typing

           Charles Ley Court 
and the man behind the name

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              The 2009 Grand Tour of Moscow and UK

Terri and Sveta's Summer Vacation 2009

Stage One
MOSCOW            16 - 24 May, visit with family and friends
                                   and to get Sveta's  Visa for UK.
Stage Two
LONDON -          Stay at Travelodge Heathrow Terminal 5
                                         24 June - 05 July = 11 nights
  9.00am 25 June Dao Chevrolet Matiz delivery Car Hire 3000 (Alamo)
                        10.00am 1st July Mr Phillip's, Vascular Surgeon
                                  At Nuffield Hospital Chandlers Ford
                               Then a first visit to all the family.                 
               Nikki & Barry Wilton, Rhianon and Megan - Southampton
                                       Phil Rawlings - Oxford
                                 Joan & Vic Larkin - Basingstoke
                                 Vic & Maureen Rawlings - Bristol
                                  Janet & Basil Sandford - Henlow 
       and friends Tim Griffiths, Marilyn Collinson, Jason Cole, Tim Deacon 
Stage Three
OXFORD -                             Stay at Travelodge Bicester
                                                     05-09 July = 4 nights 
                                Philip Rawlings and Family Celebration
                          Red Lion Gloucester Road Oxford 70th Birthday 
                                          Visit Oxford University
                            Our Wedding Anniversary and Phil's birthday
Stage Four
LETCHWORTH                      Stay at Travelodge Tollington
                                                     09-13 July = 10 nights 
                                    Janet & Basil Sandford and Family
                                                 Carol and Gary

                                               Julie and Nigel 
                                        Mike & Paula Whitehead
                     Visit Chelmsford, Lt Waltham, Gt Leighs and Braintree 
                               Margaret & Pat Dennis Sible Heddingham 
                                     John 'Kiwi' Harrison Luton 

Stage Five
DERBY                                 Stay at Travelodge Burton
                                                  20 - 23 July = 3 nights 

                                                        Pat King Leicester
                                        Les and Denise Dixon Derby
                                  Norman & Carol Kempson Stoke on Trent

Stage Six
ILKLEY  -                              Stay at Travelodge Bradford 
                                                    23 - 25 July  = 2 nights 
                                                Ken Hurt - Ilkley

Stage Seven
MIDDLESBROUGH            Stay at Travelodge Middlesbrough
                                                       25 - 27 July = 2 nights   
                                           Geoff & Gill Johnson, Middlesbrough  

Stage Eight
SCOTLAND                             Stay at Travelodge Kilmarnock
                                                        27 - 31 July = 4 nights
                                      Richard & Vivienne Taulson Dumfries            
                                            Loch's Lomond & Glasgow
Stage Nine
HEYSHAM -                        Stay with Jessie and Rod Heysham
                                                 31 July - 05 August = 5 nights
                                       Judy      Curwen Ave Heysham
                                      Jessie     Curwen Ave Heysham

                                       Rod       Curwen Ave Heysham 
Stage Ten
IRELAND                            Stay at Travelodge Dublin Ballymun
                                                   05 - 09 August = 4 nights
                                            'FinBars Hotel Tour'
                                Galway Bay and the Mountains of Mourn  

                                               Limerick and Cork
Stage Eleven
WALES                                Stay with Neil & Maggie Brecon
                                                   09 -14 August = 5 nights

                                             Neil & Maggie  Brecon 

                                  Anne & Dave Jones Persondy, Brecon 

                                      Alan Goodenough  Abertillery 
Stage Twelve
DEVON                          Stay with Chris & Wilma Buckfasleigh
                                              14 - 29 August = 15 nights
                          Chris Rees & Wilma Kayes  Buckfastleigh 

                                    Paul Larkin Exeter University
                                   Vic & Maureen Rawlings Nailsea
Stage Thirteen
LONDON                               Stay at Travelodge Heston 
                                              29 - 09 August = 11 nights 
                                    Last opportunities to see family
                             and go sight seeing in and around London

                                            Summer Bank Holiday

                                              Sveta's Birthday
                            08 September Alamo to collect car at 3pm
                              09 September Depart Heathrow Airport


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